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Summit Petroleum, Inc., 9345 Ravenna Rd. Twinsburg OH 44087 under the name (“Environmental Hydrocarbons, Inc.”) was started in 1984, by William G. Kinney. In late 1986, the corporate name was changed to “Summit Petroleum, Inc.” The company presently owns over 160 net oil and gas wells in Ohio.


Summit Petroleum’s basic mission is to explore for, discover and produce oil and natural gas. This is done through both drilling and acquisition. The owner is a native of northeast Ohio, and lives in close proximity to most of the company’s wells and drilling prospects. Prior to the formation of Summit Petroleum, Inc. Mr. Kinney worked extensively in northeast Ohio and the broader Appalachian Basin oilfield, participating in combined 1400+ well operations in the area as Assistant General Manager of Park-Ohio Energy, Inc. Cleveland Ohio 1976-1984


Relying on his extensive experience in Ohio and Appalachian Basin, Mr. Kinney and his staff and associates generate the company’s drilling prospects. The majority of these prospects are “developmental” sites, situated in the middle of or immediately adjacent to known areas of economic production. Inn an attempt to expand oil and gas reserves, the company also tries to drill a few exploratory or “step-out” wells each year.


Each year since 1984, the company has acted as General Partner for Limited Partnerships or as Operator for Joint Ventures; the primary activity of which has been the drilling and completion of gas wells in northeast Ohio and nearby areas. The company will continue to sponsor drilling programs, and will also tailor drilling programs to the specific needs of individual investors, or investor groups.


The company also acts as a consultant to other producing companies, private industry, and municipalities. The company is the technical advisor and consultant to the City of Akron in its city-owned oil and gas well operations.


Professional engineering and supervisory services include: Drilling and completion of oil and gas wells; the design and installation of disposal wells and pipelines; and land services, including lease acquisition, curative work, right-of-way acquisition, landowner negotiations and settlements, and qualification and establishment of gas markets. William Kinney has also provided expert testimony and advice in civil litigations.


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